Wednesday, March 24, 2010

why most women want it?
Breast Enlargements Cause most women desire to be good-looking and sexy, reason why they wish for to have breast enhancement. Women usually feel sexier possessing well-shaped and rounded breasts. They feel convinced about themselves.

What is Breast Enlargements?

Breast enlargements is a cosmetic surgical method whereby a person is able to improve the size and profile of breast tissue throughout the placing of implants. A breast implant is a sac that is filled in on whichever saline or silicon, and is surgically set in short of the breast tissue.

Why women go in for breast enlargements:

• To have more proportional and fuller look.
• To balance a difference in breast size.
• To fit their clothes.
• To reshape and make bigger breasts as a reconstructive method following breast surgery.

There are some post-operative effects that a woman can get with surgical breast expansion such as loss of sensation in the nipples, infection, and even hardening of the breasts. Breasts implant also can break or leak, which will risk feeling discomfort with your breasts.

There are numerous of products and technique that are non-surgical that claim to assist women to improve and increase their breast. Special bras, creams are few of these products and techniques that can improve your breasts. But a lot of women prefer to use or take breast enlargements pills as a way of increasing and enhancing their breasts. This pills can aid women to have well-shaped breasts without resorting to any surgery that can give women some risks of having undesirable reactions.

Explore Your Partner's Sexual Past

At the beginning of a relationship, your partner's sexual history may seem like a Pandora's box — once you open it up for discussion, there's no telling what you're liable to learn or how that information will affect you.

That's why it's important to examine your own motives and to figure out what and how much you need to know before you start probing beneath the surface.

"There is a difference between finding out about a partner's sexual past and their history or risk of STDs," says sexuality educator Ellen Friedrichs of New York. "Often, people confuse the two and feel that they need to know about every last fling that a lover had in order to be safe and open. Unless you are truly comfortable with yourself and your partner, this isn't usually a great idea."

But if you're ready to get physically intimate, you should be able to discuss your health concerns openly and honestly with your partner. Follow this expert advice to initiate the conversation and keep it on course.

Be direct

If your primary concern is safety — and it should be — your best bet is to be straightforward. "Being direct and asking, 'Have you been tested for STDs?' or 'When was your last HIV test?' will serve you a lot better than demanding to know how many partners someone has had," Friedrichs explains.

"Remember: Whether someone has had eight partners or 80, it is a wise idea to practice safer sex until you have both been tested and are securely involved in a mutually exclusive relationship."

Be sensitive

Whether you're exploring your partner's sexual past or opening up about your own, you should consider how your questions and revelations may affect your partner. "Sometimes, people mistakenly think that being completely honest is the hallmark of a strong relationship and forget that kindness, caring and empathy also rate pretty high on the list," Friedrichs says. So instead of impulsively sharing every bit of information in the name of total disclosure, try to put yourself in your partner's shoes and decide how that information would make you feel before opening up.

Know your boundaries

Sharing sexual health histories is one thing, but talking about the number of partners you've had in the past and what sex acts you have or haven't tried is quite another. While some couples may find this latter exchange to be a sexually titillating exercise, others are much happier with the "don't ask, don't tell" approach. If you're uncomfortable answering certain questions, think twice before asking the same of your partner because you may be called upon to reciprocate with information you'd rather not divulge.

Be honest

If you have an STD, be candid and upfront from the beginning.

"Disclosing an STD can feel uncomfortable or embarrassing, but better to stumble awkwardly through such a conversation than not to have it at all," says marriage and family therapist Susan Scott Hennings of San Jose, Calif. "While it may be embarrassing to discuss the issue with a new partner, it's imperative that you do."

So when should you disclose the details of your STD? "As soon as there's potential sexual contact — or just before, if you can pull it off," Hennings recommends. "Definitely sooner rather than later; before sex rather than after the fact."

Focus on the future

Once you've put your health concerns to rest, steer your discussion in a new direction.

Hennings recommends saying something to this effect: "As curious as I am about your sexual history, I'm really more interested in our sexual future. Aside from lots of practice, I'm hoping we can talk openly about what's important to us, what works well, what we each like, and what new things we might each like to try."

While it's natural to be interested in each other's past, the ultimate goal of a new relationship is to forge a mutually satisfying future.

A Pro Solution to Small Penis

Sometimes there is a need to look for medical help if there is something wrong with your health. The question is what if there is something wrong with your private parts? Well, even if something is not wrong with it, at times it will be embarrassment if you are born with a small penis. After all, you wouldn’t want your partner to be laughing at you.

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This is important as many men have suffered from low self esteem due to this problem. Size does matter as many women have agreed on that. The effect towards the esteem and confidence of a man has been destructive. Most of these men also suffered from poor sex life. Some of these even lead to unsatisfied relationship.

Prosolutionpills might just be the solution for these problems that are not your fault. There have been studies that showed an improved of 20% in size. While not everyone might have the same results, it will be good enough to boost the confidence of these men who are suffering from such issues. Well, science definitely has change our world today in many ways and hopefully this will be a cure for men to enjoy a satisfying sex life and relationship.

Living Together: A Road to Divorce?

The other day I was talking to a group of college students about the increased risk of divorce in couples who live together. They had a hard time believing me. ”Couples who live together know each other better!” they claimed. However, a recent study (click here for more information) supported past research that found couples who live together prior to marriage are less likely to stay married. But this research doesn’t make any logical sense unless you really evaluate what might be going on.

It is not the “living together” part that contributes to divorce. Rather, it’s the reasons behind wanting to live together that make the difference. If a couple lives together to “test drive” a marriage or to see if they get along – these are red flags. The need to test a relationship means the relationship is probably not solid to begin with. On the other hand, couples who live together to share expenses and save money for the future have their heads in a different place.

Regardless of the research, the majority of college students today say they would like to live together before marriage – in fact, living together has almost become a rite of passage and a stage of courtship today. In the last 15 years, the number of women in their late 30s who have ever lived together grew from 30% to 61%. Young people say that getting married without living together first just doesn’t make sense.

Time certainly changes everything, doesn’t it? I still remember the look in my father’s eyes when he shared his views about me living with a partner. The conversation began with something like ”no daughter of mine will EVER

Have Amazing Sex All Month Long

Tweak the usual positions

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